Goat’s Cheese gratin

Hello dear readers, At the moment, I’m a bit obsessed with the delicious taste of goat’s cheese! I can have it on pizza, bruscetta, in salad or – like in this case – in a pasta gratin. This particular pasta dish is very easy to make, great to prepare in advance or serves as a … Continue reading

Spanish Chicken

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to present you one of my all time favourites: my very easy but at the same time very delicious  Spanish chicken. This recipe is inspired by my beloved Nigella Lawson. It’s very easy to make and can be prepared in advance so it is also a perfect dish when … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers, I hope you all had a fabulous start to 2012! I was in Germany for Christmas but back in town for NYE which we spent with lovely friends in Kew Gardens. During my time in Germany I came across some awesome dishes, two of them I’m going to present you today. There … Continue reading

Lovely Bath

Hello dear readers, As mentioned last week, I was spending last weekend in Bath and I loved it! What a fantastic small city with lots of things to see, great atmosphere and amazing places to eat. We enjoyed every minute of this wonderful place. Bath Abbey View from the river On Saturday night, I booked … Continue reading

Culinary Trips

Hello dear readers, This weekend, I’m escaping crazy pre-Christmas London and go on a short weekend trip to Bath before heading home to Germany for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to both in two ways:  my personal way as I get to spend time with T and my beloved friends and family. Plus, there is … Continue reading

Potato and chorizo omelette with fancy dressing

Hello everybody, I had incredible busy days/weeks lately so I didn’t do much cooking. Most evenings Mr Thom dealt with the kitchen or we got a take away or delivery. But from next week onwards I’ll have more time on my hands which means there will be lots of Christmas cooking and baking. However, I’m … Continue reading

Do it like Marilyn!

My Week With Marilyn is going to hit the cinemas in the UK next week and gives me the perfect opportunity to finally revive my tiny little Marilyn Monroe obsession. This blog is about food, the art of cooking and enjoying life. Cooking and eating are also something very sensual and seductive – and who … Continue reading

Oh Bella Italia: Homemade Lasagne

Hello dear readers, I must have said it a few times before but I think I can’t mention it enough: I love pasta dishes and I love food with melted cheese on top. Today, I want to introduce you to my very easy but still very tasty lasagne. You can make the bolognese sauce yourself, it … Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Hello dear readers, I hope you’re getting slowly ready for a wonderful and relaxed weekend. I’m planning on studying and cooking this weekend. One of the dishes I’m going to make is this one here – once again a dish from my personal kitchen hero Jamie Oliver. The rest of the menu is still undecided. … Continue reading

Spanish Sunday Roast: Grilled Vegetables and Chorizo

Hello dear readers, Today I’m going to share one of my favourite (and easiest) recipes with you. I always thought that the best meals are those you prepare and stick in the over for a bit. After a certain amount of time, you end up with the most delightful dish and the best: you don’t … Continue reading