Rice and Curry Time! Tasty Chicken Jalfrezi

Hi dear readers, Sorry for long time no see. I’m extremely busy at the moment due to some studies I just started and I can really tell you: studying plus having a full time job is no fun. I was actually a bit excited about going back to university but it is a totally different … Continue reading

Green Thai Curry à la Sarah

Hello everybody, Last weekend, we had some lovely friends around and I decided to prepare my favourite Thai Curry. It’s a very easy and tasty recipe from my dear German friend Sarah; although the preparation requires some time because you have to peel and chop a few things in advance. For 2-3 people you need: … Continue reading

Drunken Figs

Hello everybody and sunny greetings from Germany! Before I leftLondon to visit my lovely family and friends inGermany, Mr Thom surprised me with this little treatment: Figs in honey with a Brandy-lemon-syrup. Delicious! All you need for two people is: 6 good quality figs Honey 1 lemon (juice and zest) 1/2 cup of Sugar Brandy … Continue reading

Chinese Noodle Salad with Peanuts

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today I will share with you the secret of how to make a great Chinese Noodle Salad with peanuts and lots of other exciting things. It’s worth making a big portion because you can keep it for a few days in the fridge and you can easily take it to … Continue reading

A Saturday Night on the Sofa

Hello everybody,   I hope you guys had/have a wonderful bank holiday weekend! We had a big night on Friday so we decided to stay in on Saturday and get some lovely take away. My favourite Chinese take away place in my area is Paya. I’m really lucky that is it only opposite but they … Continue reading

Favourite restaurant!

Hello guys and dolls, happy weekend! Today I thought I need to tell you about my favourite restaurant! It’s called Slurp and it is right on Streatham High St. They do Chinese, Japanese and Thai food. The food is so delicious, I could basically eat there everyday. Mr Thom and me we mostly go for … Continue reading

Rice and Curry – Hurry, Hurry, Hurry…

That’s the intro of a song performed by my BSF and once you heard it, you will never forget it, I promise! Anyway, as most people living in London, I love a curry! I recently started to make my own curries after years of picturing it really hard work. But it’s actually not. The only … Continue reading

Greenwich, Greenwich!

 I love Greenwich! Isn’t it one of the prettiest spots London has to offer? When Mr Thom and I go there, we always have three destinations: 1. The Royal Observatory 2. The Gipsy Moth 3. Kum Luang The Gipsy Moth is one of the coolest pubs in London and clearly one of my favourites. You … Continue reading

Easypeasy Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Today’s culinary excursion takes us straight to Jamaica and you’ll get to know the beauty of Jerk Chicken. Ok, I’m going to do the lazy version! But I have two good reasons for that: I don’t have a typical jerk grill The blend of spices I’m going to use contains everything we need – and … Continue reading

Fabulous Chorizo and Plantain Salad

As you can easily see I have two clear favourites in the moment: salads in every form – spring calls for something fresh – and chorizo. Brindisa at Borough Market offers the best of these Spanish delicatessens in town. For more information visit http://www.brindisa.com/ This salad is super easy to make but I promise you, … Continue reading