Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers,

I hope you all had a fabulous start to 2012! I was in Germany for Christmas but back in town for NYE which we spent with lovely friends in Kew Gardens.

During my time in Germany I came across some awesome dishes, two of them I’m going to present you today. There was much more great food around but unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera handy all the time.

My Mum’s partner Alex is a very good cook. He likes solid and very bold flavours such as rosemary, red wine, Sherry or Pernod for cooking. However, one evening he treated my Mum and me to a homemade, oven roasted goose with dumplings, gravy and homemade red cabbage, lovely! I can’t really tell what he has done to it because we have been out but I know he added really basic things like garlic and thyme to it. The hard bit is the cooking of a whole goose rather than the seasoning. And I can tell you, he cooked it to perfection!

That is the beauty!

And that is my solid (solid means massive) plate of food

Another night, I went with friends to this great restaurant in Frankfurt. It is a great mix of trendy but traditional food and art, with other words a great place to spend a wonderful evening. Again, I had a solid plate of food, consisting of fillet of pork, potato gratin and green beans wrapped in bacon served with a pepper and cognac sauce – delicious!

My friend Julia went for a mindblowing selection of three vegetarian Indian curries served with rice, raita and naan bread.


All in all, Eat’n’Art is a wonderful place to eat. They offer a great selection of seasonal and local high quality foods, fantastic wines and cocktails. If you’re lucky you might even meet some local celebrities so check the place out if you have the chance!


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