Culinary Trips

Hello dear readers,

This weekend, I’m escaping crazy pre-Christmas London and go on a short weekend trip to Bath before heading home to Germany for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to both in two ways:  my personal way as I get to spend time with T and my beloved friends and family. Plus, there is a culinary aspect to it. I booked a table in this restaurant, I read a view very good reviews about – I let you know afterwards how it went.

Also, I’m very excited about the food we are going to have at Christmas. We haven’t decided yet on the menu for the 24th (that’s the main day in Germany by the way) but it is usually rather comfort food and not too much of an effort. But I know for sure that there will be succulent duck breasts in a baby pear and red wine sauce at my Mum’s which I love so lots of nice stuff to look forward to.

Have a good weekend and don’t get stressed out from London’s pre-Christmas madness!


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