Do it like Marilyn!

My Week With Marilyn is going to hit the cinemas in the UK next week and gives me the perfect opportunity to finally revive my tiny little Marilyn Monroe obsession. This blog is about food, the art of cooking and enjoying life. Cooking and eating are also something very sensual and seductive – and who … Continue reading

Oh Bella Italia: Homemade Lasagne

Hello dear readers, I must have said it a few times before but I think I can’t mention it enough: I love pasta dishes and I love food with melted cheese on top. Today, I want to introduce you to my very easy but still very tasty lasagne. You can make the¬†bolognese sauce yourself, it … Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Hello dear readers, I hope you’re getting slowly ready for a wonderful and relaxed weekend. I’m planning on studying and cooking this weekend. One of the dishes I’m going to make is this one here – once again a dish from my personal kitchen hero Jamie Oliver. The rest of the menu is still undecided. … Continue reading