His Taste – Her Taste

Happy Saturday afternoon! I needed a mental and physical break from working and studying this afternoon so a little bit of gentle shopping was exactly what I needed. Also, we stopped at the grocery store where Mr T convinced me that it is time for some tea and cake when we get home. We picked … Continue reading

Rice and Curry Time! Tasty Chicken Jalfrezi

Hi dear readers, Sorry for long time no see. I’m extremely busy at the moment due to some studies I just started and I can really tell you: studying plus having a full time job is no fun. I was actually a bit excited about going back to university but it is a totally different … Continue reading

Homemade Burger filled with Feta Cheese and Tomato Salsa topping

Hi dear readers, Last weekend I decided it’s time again for some serious meat action! I wanted to give this meaty dish a fresh and contemporary finish so I thought about combing the meat with some refreshing homemade salsa. I took my frying pan and got my hands into some mince meat. And by the … Continue reading