Bang! Bang! Bangers and Mash!

Hello everybody,

I know it’s been a while but last week was crazy because of moving flats and settling down. Anyway, Mr Thom and me we did our best to create a home and so far – we feel really comfortable. One of the first dishes I cooked in the new place is my all time favourite: Bangers and Mash! I know, I know. It is not the most novel dish but it is bloody good! And if you add some caramelized onions you get a little twist to the British classic.

For two people you need:

  • A package of good quality sausages (I went for Bramley Apple)
  • Two large onions
  • Potatoes (700-900g I reckon, depending on your appetite)
  • 1 Tlbsp sugar
  • Milk
  • A good knob of butter
  • Salt, pepper
  • Drop of oil

First, peel and start to boil your potatoes. Cut the onions in fine rings and sauté in a pan for a while, stir regularly. Once they start to get a bit colour, add the sugar and sauté for another 10 min. The sugar will melt and cover them in a golden, seductive blanket. Make sure you don’t burn them, trust me, it happens quickly!

Now, timing is important: As soon as your potatoes start to boil, cook your sausages according to the instruction. They mostly need to grill 20 min, so by the time your mash is done, they should be ready to roll too.

Pierce potatoes with a knife to see if they are done. Once they are cooked, drain them and place them back into the pot. Mash them and add a good knob of butter. Mash again. Now add some milk, mash again. Repeat until your mash is light and fluffy. Seasons with salt and pepper.

Dish the mash on your plate. Add the sausages artistically and add caramelized onions on top. If you like, add some HP.

I love a cold Cider with my Bangers and Mash whereas Mr Thom loves his Guinness. You see, there are plenty of options. Enjoy!


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