My guilty pleasures

Hello everybody,

I’m very busy this week because I’m moving to a new flat tomorrow. I’m so excited! The best thing for you will be that I’m going to have a new nice kitchen. I already have thousands of dishes and muffins in my head I want to make soon. I’m really looking forward to this. In the meantime I’m very busy getting my stuff together. Now and then I need a little break from it. Then I’m going to sit down in the sun for a few minutes and enjoy my guilty pleasures. This week I’m falling for the pralines I bought last week at the Hotel Chocolat.

The chocolate is not cheap but good quality chocolate has its price. I always go for their 3 for 9 deal which basically means you can pick 3 packages of pralines or chocolate bars and pay 9 quit. It is really worth the money. Last time I went for the Caramel Road bar which is a mixture of caramel and white chocolate, topped with Florentine, caramel buttons and cinder toffee. My number two was Feuilletine Frenzy: a Hazelnut praline with masses of crispy, crushed pancake pieces. Last but not least I went for my all-time favourite: Isabelle which is a praline filled cup with a honey and almond Florentine. Heavenly!

Have a look at my lovely pralines yourself. Happy weekend!


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