Creamy Pasta with Bacon and melted Cherry Tomatoes

Hello world, I don’t know why but for some reason I experience massive bacon cravings recently. I could eat it with salads, soups and – just as in this really nasty case – with pasta. It is a bloody easy recipe but it is one of my favourite pasta dishes ever. All you need to … Continue reading

Another Afternoon, Another Treat

I love apple crumble! As a German I first needed to get used to the idea of eating basically any fruit you can imagine with nothing else then crumbles on top but it works! It works really well indeed. When I’m very busy, I sometimes can’t be bothered to make apple crumble myself. I always … Continue reading

Bang! Bang! Bangers and Mash!

Hello everybody, I know it’s been a while but last week was crazy because of moving flats and settling down. Anyway, Mr Thom and me we did our best to create a home and so far – we feel really comfortable. One of the first dishes I cooked in the new place is my all … Continue reading

My guilty pleasures

Hello everybody, I’m very busy this week because I’m moving to a new flat tomorrow. I’m so excited! The best thing for you will be that I’m going to have a new nice kitchen. I already have thousands of dishes and muffins in my head I want to make soon. I’m really looking forward to … Continue reading