Greenwich, Greenwich!

 I love Greenwich! Isn’t it one of the prettiest spots London has to offer? When Mr Thom and I go there, we always have three destinations:

1. The Royal Observatory

2. The Gipsy Moth

3. Kum Luang

The Gipsy Moth is one of the coolest pubs in London and clearly one of my favourites. You need a bit of patience because the young and trendy barkeeper move a bit slow (it’s ok – they probably still feel hung over from the party last night) but otherwise it is a great place. The big plus: they have a big garden where you can sit outside. Nothing’s nicer on a summer’s day than sitting outside in a pub in Greenwich and drinking Pimm’s.

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Once we digested our aperitif, it is time for some Thai action. Mr Thom introduced me to this little Thai place called Kum Luang just opposite the Cutty Sark station in Greenwich. We have one special dish which is worth the little Pilgrimage from Brixton to Greenwich and that is the grilled chilli beef! They officially call it “GRILL BEEF STEAK FINELY SLICE WITH THAI SPICY SAUCE” and it is definitely worth trying! So if you’re in the area, check it out!

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