Fire and Bake!

Hi everybody!

It’s been a few crazy days that’s why I didn’t have the chance to keep you in the culinary loop. No worries, I’m back with some amazing stuff so please enjoy!

For those of you who never heard of Fire & Stone: Shame on you! It might be on of the most awesome pizza places in London (although a tall German might disagree). The other good news: they offer a pretty cool lunch deal.

Their Pizzas take you straight to all sorts of holiday destinations: to Marrakech (Mint yoghurt sauce, mozzarella, cumin spiced ground lamb, olives, red onions, topped with mint & cucumber yoghurt, raisins and chilli oil), to New York (Mozzarella, tomato sauce, crispy smoked bacon, garlic & rosemary roast potatoes, caramelized onion jam, topped with sour cream and smoked paprika) to Peking (Chinese hoi sin sauce, shredded aromatic duck, mozzarella and spring onions topped with cucumber ribbons) and to many other places.

Their lunch deal is valid Monday – Thursday from 12pm until 4pm and you can choose between Pizza, Pasta and Salad for £4.95. The only thing is that it doesn’t include every Pizza, it just applies only for a selection but still, there will be something for everyone.

Best you check it out yourself!

That is the New York style Pizza, yummy!


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