Sunday Morning Indulgence

This is one of Mister Thom’s miraculous creations. If you want to treat yourself on a Sunday morning this is the right thing! It is really buttery and rich and reminds me of my granny who used to say: “A little bit of real butter makes everything better”. It’s so easy to make but it looks impressive and tastes fabulous.

All you need is:

  • Fresh croissants (one per person)
  • Milky Bar Yogurts (or any other white chocolate creme. One is enough per croissant)
  • Raspberries

Tear the croissants into random bits, it doesn’t have to look perfect. Apply little bit of butter. Then carefully put some Milky Bar Yogurt with a spoon on top. Last but not least add some fat and fruity raspberries on top. If you like you can also use blueberries but personally, I love the rich red of raspberries. That’s it, enjoy!

One Response to “Sunday Morning Indulgence”
  1. cecilia says:

    OMG!! Daniela Darling, I love your site and I love the breakfast. But my beach 2011 project doesnt love it as much though, haha. Serisoulsy, great job with the site, I will forward it and follow it! xxx

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